Owo Soup

Owo soup is cooked by the Benin people in Nigeria. Definitely there are many type of traditional soups in Nigeria that originated from certain tribes and ethnic group, example of such is the Edkang ikong soup which is originated by the people of Calabar, Gbegiri, Ewedu and Efo riro is generally known by the Yoruba people, and Egusi is originated by the Igbo people.

Owo soup has a lot of nutritional value, the ingredients and recipes and preparations look exactly like a stew preparation after the result.

The Owo Benin soup once prepared can be eaten with boiled yam, boiled plantain, sweet potatoes, etc. You will notice that there is no swallow listed among the list, this is why you should know how special owo soup/ stew is. The listed foods you can take it with are rich in carbohydrate.

Due to choice, you can use Owo soup to eat rice and beans, but it is not advised to eat it with any swallow ( eba, fufu, amala etc)


  • Goat meat or assorted meat
  • Stock fish
  • Fresh fish
  • Cray fish
  • Garrri
  • Red palm Oil
  • Maggi
  • Potash ( starch)
  • Pepper ( fresh atarodo, tatashe, tomatoes)
  • Smoked Fish
  • Salt
  • Curry / thyme
  • Ginger/ garlic ( fresh or powder)
  • Onions
  • Lime
  • Periwinkle


Put your dry fish and stock fish in separate bowls and give them a good wash

Remove the dirt in stock fish and wash thoroughly

Wash your stock fish, put them in a good boiling pot and cook it for 30 mins to make it soft

Wash the Periwinkle with lime Juice and scrub it with a knife

Season your meat with Maggi, salt, curry, thyme, onions, ginger, garlic, Boil your meat, add Maggi cubes. Cover the pot and cook for about 10 minute

Once your stock fish and meat is ready, put a fresh pot on the cooking gas and add your palm oil   to heat up.


When your meat is almost cooked remove it from the stock and keep separately.
Add water to the stock so it can be at least 3 quarters of the pot and let it heat up.

Once it has heated add palm oil into the pot. Once the palm oil is in the pot pour garri into a plate add cold water to the garri and stir then pour into the pot always use the wooden spoon to stir (as if you are drinking garri with ground nut) Leave to cook for about 15-20 mins

After 15-20 mins add your crayfish to taste, Meat, stock fish and dry fish.
If you are using periwinkle wash this and boil it separately with water for like 10 mins when you are also boiling your meat, once this is done add the periwinkle
To get your final taste add your Maggi and little salt quantity to taste.

For the Starch (Usi) pour it into a deep plate with the native Salt (the Color of this salt is grey) and Akau (potash) add some water and mix into a light paste.

Pour the mix paste into the pot and stir the soup every minute (not to fast or hard but not too slow to avoid lumps)

Place the cooking gas light very low to avoid the soup forming lumps

Once the ( Akau) starch is added inside the pot of soup it will start to foaming immediately, at it is best advised that you keep stirring.

Avoid covering the pot once you pour the starch in the soup to avoid it from getting spoil.

Leave the soup for 10-15 mins and its ready

Do not cover the soup pot when done; make sure it gets cold before covering it.

The soup can be served with boiled yam, plantain, or any swallow.



The ingredients for Owo soup can be found in local markets around you especially in the Ibo section, it can also be found in some stores and supermarket.

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