Abacha is referred to as Africa salad made with shredded white cassava. It is mostly known among the Igbo people and it is mostly served at local joints and restaurants.

It is served with green raw vegetable called Ugba and Onions but the Onions and and Ugba are also shredded into tiny pieces before use.

This meal is very popular in the eastern part of Nigeria, it is popular among the Igbo recipe. It is very affordable to cook.

Abacha is a special Africa salad served by the Igbo people to visitors and on special occasions just like kola nut is special to the Igbo people. As the Igbos love to call it, Abacha is one of the most popular evening desserts in the eastern villages.

To get fresh Abacha ready it goes through a lot of process, you need to get your cassava and all ingredients ready, prepare your chopping board, knife etc.

The first thing to do (if you live in the village or own a farm) is to obtain cassava tubers, wash thoroughly and boil along with water for twenty to thirty minutes then pill to remove the brown outer layer, and cut to tiny bits.

The sliced cassava is then soaked in water for 18 hours or more.

The last thing to do would be to wash thoroughly with clean water then sun-dry and store in an airtight seal.

Dried cassava chips can last more than a year if stored in an air tight dry environment.


  • Abacha
  • Ugba
  • Red palm oil
  • Powdered potash
  • Fish | Mackerel/Dry Fish/Stock fish
  • Onion
  • Salt and dry pepper (to taste)
  • Crayfish
  • Maggi/Knorr
  • Ehu seeds (Calabash Nutmeg)


Season and cook the stock fish and kpomo
Soak the Abacha in cold water for about 10 minutes
Drain out the cold water, pour boiling water over it and quickly drain out the water
Let it sit  for about 5 minutes
Dissolve the potash in water and then stir with the palm oil in a pot
Place on heat and add the pepper, crayfish and seasoning
Stir properly then add the Ugba, chopped garden eggs, the Stock fish and kpomo
Add the  Abacha and mix properly allowing all the ingredients to blend
Garnish with chopped garden egg leaves
Add salt to taste



Abacha Ncha is a rich diet, it contains potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorous and zinc in varying compositions. The level of iron content in the prepared local salad is an indication that the diet can serve as good source of both haem and non-haem iron (naturally occurring compound in meat, fish and poultry).

The local salad is rich in nutrients, as other ingredients like crayfish, chili pepper, garden egg leaves, potash, stock fish, and garden eggs are usually added to it.

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