Beans and Plantain

Beans is generally cooked by every tribe in Nigeria, most especially by the Yorubas. It is used to prepare different delicacies like ( Moimoi, Ewa agnyi, Gbegiri, Ekuru, Akara, Ewa alagbado, Ewa ati Iresi, and Ewa ati Dodo) . There are many varieties of beans used for African dishes, each dish with the variety best suited for it.  The Ewa oloyin and Drum varieties are best suited for dishes in which they are cooked whole or cooked soft and partially mashed, while the white black-eyed beans varieties are better suited for dishes in which they are soaked pilled and blended and also for some bean soups.

Beans are best cooked with palm oil, salt, crayfish, fresh or dry pepper, plantain, etc. It is necessary to pick the beans neatly before cooking it. A lot of vitamins are deposited in beans and it contains the necessary protein the body needs. The Igbo and Hausa people also make use of beans for different purposes.

Traditionally beans are served at certain parties like the Yoruba people call it Ewa ibeji, Saara, and lots more. Moimoi is a well accepted food cooked in Yoruba parties and it is made with beans packaged in a can or green leaf which is known as the beans aroma.

Beans can however be cooked whole with an array of ingredients into a thick seasoned broth, served with fried plantain, a dish well enjoyed by the Yorubas and other tribes in africa likewise.


  • Brown/black eyed beans
  • Red palm oil
  • Onion
  • Pepper & Salt (to taste)
  • Maggi cube
  • Yam/Plantain/Sweet Potatoes/Baby Corn


  • Pick the beans to select the neat ones from the dirty ones.
  • Wash your pot and prepare it for use.
  • Put some measurable amount of water in your pot and leave it to boil.
  • Pour your beans once the water is boiled and leave it for 30 mins
  • Add your onions, crayfish, Maggi, sand salt, add some water if you notice the water level is drying up and the beans is swollen.
  • Cover and leave it for another 20 minutes
  • Add your fresh pepper and palm oil once the beans is soft
  • And leave it to cook for 5 mins and it’s done.

You can choose to fry your plantain or boil it with the beans while cooking.

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