Fish Stew

Fish stew is a well-known stew by all western, eastern, southern parts of Nigeria. It is generally cooked in all other African countries and in the European parts too (Abroad). It can be cooked with different kind of fish except from dry fish (croaker fish, Sardines, Catfish, etc.). It is best enjoyed with (Yam, sweet potatoes, bread, rice, spaghetti, noodles) etc. Additional ingredients are required in cooking fish stew.

Fish stew is different from fish sauce in that to cook fish sauce, it entails parboiling the fish and removing the bones before adding to the broth.


Fresh fish or feozen fish


Vegetable oil



Ginger and garlic powder or fresh

Locust beans

Pepper and tomatoes


Wash and prepare your pot or frying pan for use

Prepare all your ingredients and blend your fresh pepper and tomatoes, then parboil the paste till it thickens a little.

Wash and remove the fish dirt, then parboil it for 10 minutes and set it aside for 5 mins to get cold.

Set your frying pan or pot on your cooking gas, add you vegetable oil to heat up, pour your onions to fry for 3 minutes and pour your parboiled fresh pepper

Add 2 Maggi cubes, Curry, and (salt to taste if necessary)

Leave it to boil for 5 mins and stir immediately after 5 minutes

Add your fish and water juice

Leave it to cook for 5 minutes and its ready to be served.


The fish stew is rich in calories, fat, vitamins and proteins.

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